Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello, Blogging World!

Today you see the beginning of a new era, the era of the blogger. Blogging in the by gone days was all about your life and your opinion, you read a blog to gain knowledge of their experience. It was like reading some one else's private diary but it has evolved in a career now.

People can make money from running a blog, so it is only natural that they started breaking news, commenting on what is the current trending news. Bloggers have started doing this to drive more people to there blog. With more people reading a blog, the higher the advertising revenue is.

News sites are struggling to compete, at times with bloggers because they do not go through the same strict fact checking process. I dare say that there are bloggers out there who are turning the cogs in the rumour mill. It is those bloggers who produce stories rather than reports that often gain the most readers, claim that they have breaking news when in reality it is nothing more than well written lie.

Another advantage that bloggers have over news sites is that they do not have to abide by someone else's political views. The can have full poetic licence so to speak over the words that the write. As a journalist you would aspire to bringing the nation to their knees with that big story, but for a blogger it is all about the money. Exposing the ugly truth is nothing more than a facade that they hide behind, claiming that it is their mission to bring this information to the public.

Blogs like wikileaks are one of these, people tediously read through the blog. All because it is claimed to be breaking news, news that you will not find on news sites. It becomes trending news as more bloggers write and link to these articles.

This is all well and good I here you say, these are just the views of yet another keyboard warrior. You maybe right, but with this dilution of factual information, where you can no longer tell the difference between opinion and fact. Here on the internet a opinion is as good as a fact at times. The phrase a "trusted source" has become common place a looses all meaning, these blogs that cover breaking news are killing the art of journalism.

Blogs are a great thing, they allow people to share their views with the world, creating a ever growing network people that you can trust to review nearly anything. What I am suggesting is that there some way we can standardise these blogs that comment on breaking news, I am not against the freedom of speech. What I am against is the choking smog that has descended on the internet from the rumour mills that are going in to overdrive.


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